Sunday, 5 September 2010

summer time

what have you been up to this summer? here's some photos of what we've been doing.

We went to a festival in Groningen, Holland. It had a big name... Bevrijdingsfestival. After we played we sat at the side of the stage with a few beers and watched Hot Chip. It were right good.

At the end of June, we played a show supporting Passion Pit. It was on an Island called Governor's Island, which is just south of Manhattan. This was the view from the backstage area... not too bad.

On the 4th of July we stopped by Niagra Falls on our way back to the USA, shortly before being held at the border for ages.

Myself, Esteban and a giant ice lolly at the falls.

We played a small show at the big chill festival and then went to watch our boys Explosions In The Sky... they were great. You should all see them if you can! Uncle Munaf has some mean stage moves.

Adam and Steve (he's our good friend) tearing it up on the dodgems.

I did a little bit of decorating for the liquid room show.

The edinburgh festival has lots of interesting things to see... like a man dressed like a leopard carrying another man dressed like a leopard in a bowl.

Boom. There's some pictures. I don't know if anyone actually looks at this, but it gives me something to do when all that's on TV is Ugly Betty. I'm away to play football. x

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  1. Not to take away from the obvious talent it takes to carry a man in a bowl on your head...but, the dude in the bowl has some serious flexibility skills.