Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Recording our new album

Day 7 in the studio... drums and bass are pretty much done... crack out the photobooth.

our facial hair is coming along nicely

pea head

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Jimmy Eat World Tour


we just got back from our tour of north america with jimmy eat world which was loads of fun. we got to turn up to the venue late, play 7 songs, then get drunk and watch them every night. It was great. here are some photos of what we got up to on our travels. I'll put up more at another time.

our very first laminate tour

we stopped off in las vegas for a few hours where we all lost money except uncle michael

we watched jimmy eat world from great places every night

tom from jimmy eat world showed us his threatening look

that's the way I want to bow out

we ate one of the fattest pizzas I've ever seen in Chicago

loads of people back home believed that this was the view from our hotel room. it's not. obviously! we went up the rockefeller center before the new york show.

the tour ended on a lovely day in toronto

with our pal jim

team jetpacks - serious faces (mostly)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

american adverts (commercials)

Saw this today. Pretty ridiculous.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

summer time

what have you been up to this summer? here's some photos of what we've been doing.

We went to a festival in Groningen, Holland. It had a big name... Bevrijdingsfestival. After we played we sat at the side of the stage with a few beers and watched Hot Chip. It were right good.

At the end of June, we played a show supporting Passion Pit. It was on an Island called Governor's Island, which is just south of Manhattan. This was the view from the backstage area... not too bad.

On the 4th of July we stopped by Niagra Falls on our way back to the USA, shortly before being held at the border for ages.

Myself, Esteban and a giant ice lolly at the falls.

We played a small show at the big chill festival and then went to watch our boys Explosions In The Sky... they were great. You should all see them if you can! Uncle Munaf has some mean stage moves.

Adam and Steve (he's our good friend) tearing it up on the dodgems.

I did a little bit of decorating for the liquid room show.

The edinburgh festival has lots of interesting things to see... like a man dressed like a leopard carrying another man dressed like a leopard in a bowl.

Boom. There's some pictures. I don't know if anyone actually looks at this, but it gives me something to do when all that's on TV is Ugly Betty. I'm away to play football. x

Friday, 14 May 2010

California at Chirstmas

The week before Christmas we went to Mammoth Lakes ski-resort in California to play a show at the bottom of a big snowy hill to the whole town who were celebrating the opening of the skiing-season... yup, it was a strange one. Good fun though.

Anyway... we got to ski for free all week which was great and we decided to make a video just for funsies showing a day in the life of we were promised jetpacks. It's not really how we spend our days, mostly we sit around at our laptops, play the computer and then go to our friend burnie's house.

I'm rambling. Here's the video...

Monday, 3 May 2010

Look what we've got

Hello there

The lovely people at our label, fatcat, created this blog for us and suggested we use it for funsies... they actually made it ages ago but we've never bothered to do anything with it. Now that I'm sitting in my bedroom with nothing to do for the next few hours I've decided to start playing about with it (that's what she said).

If I remember, I will post some goings on from our tours etc on this everytime we're away... but there's no guarantee that will happen because I very often forget to do things. Other than that we'll stick up some videos and pictures that humour us and hopefully you too. Then we can be good friends.

Love and Kisses
Peter Quiznose